Magical Herbs C-D


Here you can find a comprehensive list of herbs and their magical correspondences.

Cabbage White Root – Luck.

Cactus – Protection and Chastity

Camellia – Brings Riches and Luxury, Admiration and Perfection

Camphor – Chastity, Health, Cleaning, Divination and Prophetic Dreams. *DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY*

Caper – Potency, Luck and Lust

Caraway – Protection, Lust, Mental Powers, Health and Anti-Theft

Cardamom – Love and Lust

Carnation – Strength, Protection, Health, Energy, Healing and Fascination. Bonds Affection

Carob – Health and Protection

Carrot – Fertility and Lust

Cascara Sagrada – Money, Legal Matters and Protection

Cashew – Money

Castor – Protection

Catnip – Cat Magic, Beauty, Happiness and Love

Cattail – Lust.

Cedar – Healing, Purification, Money and Protection

Celandine – Protection, Happiness, Legal Matters and Escape

Celery – Mental Powers, Psychic Powers and Lust

Centaury – Snake Removal

Chamomile – Sleep, Money, Love and Purification

Cherry – Love and Divination

Chestnut – Love.

Chickweed – Fertility, Love, Poultice or Ointment for Skin Inflammations.

Chicory – Removal of Obstacles, Invisibility, Favors and Frugality. A Digestive Tonic. For Gallstones, Rheumatism and Gout.

Chili Pepper – Fidelity, Love and Hex Breaking

China Berry – Luck and Change

Chrysanthemum – Protection and Cheerfulness.Chrysanthemum, Red – Love and Worship

Chrysanthemum– Truth, Honesty and Protection Against Spirits

Cinchona – Luck and Protection.

Cinnamon – Spirituality, Success, Power, Love, Lust, Protection, Psychic Powers, Mental Focus and Healing

Cinquefoil – Money, Protection, Sleep, Be Rid of Hexes and Prophetic Dreams

Citron – Psychic Powers and Healing

Cloth of Gold – Understanding Animal Languages

Clove – Protection, Exorcism, Love and Money

Clover – Protection, Money, Love, Fidelity, Success, Luck and Exorcism

Club Moss – Power and Protection

Coconut – Purification, Protection and Chastity

Coffee – Ritual Stimulant

Black Cohosh – Love, Protection, Courage and Potency

Blue Coshosh – Healing, Purification, Woman’s Power and Woman’s Energizer.

Coltsfoot – Love and Visions

Columbine – Love and Courage

Comfrey – Good for any Magical Healing. Tissue and Bone Healer. For Ulcers, Colitis, Bronchitis and Back Pain. Money Spells. Safety during Travel. CAUTION: DO NOT USE ON OPEN WOUNDS

Copal – Love and Purification

Coriander – Love, Health and Healing. Fights Mystical Evils

Corn – Luck, Protection and Divination

Cornflower – Psychism

Crocus – Love and Visions

Cubeb – Love

Cuckoo-flower – Fertility, Love.

Cucumber – Chastity, Healing and Fertility. Soothing and Cooling to the Psyche. Assists Astral Travel.

Cumin – Fidelity, Protection, Anti-Theft and Exorcism

Curry – Protection.

Cyclamen – Fertility, Protection, Happiness and Lust

Cypress – Longevity, Healing, Protection and Comfort. Increases the Power of Invocations.


Daffodil – Love, Luck and Fertility

Daisy – Luck, Innocence, Purity, Faith and Lust

Damiana – Love, Lust and Visions

Dandelion – Divination, Wishes and Calling Spirits

Deerstongue – Lust and Psychic Powers

Devil’s Bit – Love, Lust, Protection and Exorcism

Devil’s Shoestring – Luck, Power, Employment, Protection, Gambling and Banishing Fear

Dill – Protection, Money, Lust and Luck

Dittany of Crete – Manifestations and Astral Projection

Dock – Healing, Money and Fertility

Dodder – Love, Divination and Knot Magic

Dogwood – Wishes and Protection. Keeps Writings Secret (use for Book of Shadows)

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