Root Chakra/1st Chakra

The Root Chakra keeps us grounded or rooted. When you are grounded you are one with life. Sanskrit name: Muladhara (root) Location: Base of spine, at the seat of Kundalini Symbol: A circle surrounded by four lotus petals, with a square inside it. Central issue: Survival, stability, acceptance, self-preservation, deep-rootedness, perception, grounding, fear and safety […]

Heart Chakra/4th Chakra

The Heart Chakra is not about falling in love, but instead it’s fire is fueled by the love of creation. Cleanse your Heart Chakra to receive unconditional love. Sanskrit name: Anahatra (unstruck) Location: Chest, heart, cardiac plexus Symbol: A circle surrounded by 12 lotus petals, and inside it a six-pointed star Central issues: Love, unconditional […]

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