Magical Herbs E-F


Here you can find a comprehensive list of herbs and their magical correspondences. This is by no means all of the herbs that you can use but it is enough to get you started in your magical herbal quest.

Echinacea – strengthens the power of spells and charms

Elder Berries – prosperity, wealth, abundance rituals & spells, aid to sleep, protection. fae magic

Elder flowers – wishes & truth, exorcism, protection, healing, prosperity & sleep. fae magic

Elder leaves – purification, fae magic, love

Elecampane – love spells, communication with fae realm, promotes joy

Eucalyptus leaves – protection, healing, cleansing,

Eyebright – memory, clairvoyance, divination, and meditation

Feathers – promotes change, cleansing, protection, smudging & to make magical quills

Fennel – confidence, courage, fertility, longevity, love, protection, psychic protection, purification, strength, consecration, divination, gain, meditation

Fenugreek Seeds – protection, wealth, happiness, health

Fern – protection, luck, riches, finding hidden treasure, restoring youth, health, fae magic

Feverfew – protection from accidents and illness, hex breaking

Flax Seeds – prosperity, Wealth, and Abundance Rituals And Spells

Fleabane – exorcism, protection, chastity

Frankincense – spirituality, protection, exorcism, consecration

Fumitory – used in incense for drawing money

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