Healing Stones and Crystals Q-Z


Stones can be used or carried in a pouch to aid in the betterment of your life. They can help on ways such as grounding, protection, healing and there are so many more uses. In using stones they should not be used as a substitute for medical care but used in conjunction with other modalities.

Quartz – Transmitter and amplifier of healing energy and clarity, balancer, channeler of universal energy and unconditional love, all purpose healer, programmable

Rose Quartz – Lymphatic cancer and circulatory problems, helps the psychologically inflexible, Heart Chakra opener, love and self-acceptance healer for emotional wounds, dissipates anger and tension. Also known as the “love” stone”

Rubellite – Creativity, fertility, blanches passive or aggressive nature

Ruby– Heart Chakra, balances love and all spiritual endeavors, self-esteem, strengthens neurological tissues around the heart, prevents miscarriages

Sapphire – Spiritual enlightenment, inner peace, colic, rheumatism, mental illness, pituitary, metabolic rate of glandular functions, anti- depressant, aids psychokinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance and astral projection, personal expression, also good to use for pain

Sardonyx – Attract friends and promote marital happiness

Smoky Quartz – Stimulates Kundalini energy, cleanses and protects the astral field, draws out distortion on all levels, good for hyperactivity and excess energy, grounding. Use as an aid in the removal of negative energy from one’s life and surroundings

Sodalite – Increase direction of purpose and to foster feelings of fellowship in the wearer

Spessartine – Bad dreams, depression, anger, self esteem, hemorrhages, hormone imbalances, inflammations, sexual disease

Spinel – Leg conditions when worn on solar plexus, powerful general healer, detoxification aid

Topaz – Balances emotions, calms passions, gout, blood disorders, hemorrhages, increases poor appetite, general tissue regeneration, VD, tuberculosis, reverses aging, spiritual rejuvenation, endocrine system stimulation, releases tension, feelings of joy

Tourmaline – Dispels fear, negativity and grief; calms nerves, concentration and improves eloquence, genetic disorders, cancer and hormones regulated, raises vibrations, charisma, universal law, tranquil sleep

Turquoise – Master healer, protects against environmental pollutants, strengthens anatomy and guards against all disease, improved absorption of nutrients, tissue regeneration, subtle body alignment and strengthening, eye disorders

Watermelon Tourmaline – Heart Chakra healer, imparts sense of humor to those who need it, balancer; eliminates guilt, nervous system, integration, security and self-containment

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