Magical Herbs A-B


Here you can find a comprehensive list of herbs and their magical correspondences. This is by no means all of the herbs that you can use but it is enough to get you started in your magical herbal quest.

Acacia – Protection, Psychic Powers, Love Spells, Money Spells and Blessings

Acorn – Growth, Luck, Money, Popularity and Safety

Adam & Eve Roots – Love and Happiness

Adders Tongue – Healing

African Violet – Spirituality and Protection

Agaric – Fertility. Also known as magic mushroom, redcap, death angel and death cap DO NOT INGEST – POISON

Agrimony Herb – Protection, Sleep and Reversal of Spells, Overcome Fear, Dispel Negative Emotions

Ague Root – Protection

Alfalfa – Prosperity, Anti-hunger, Brings in Money and Protects against Financial Misfortune

Alkanet – Purification and Prosperity

Allspice – Money, Luck and Healing, Adds Strength To Will

Almond – Attracts Money, Prosperity and Wisdom, Promotes Alertness

Aloe Vera – Protection and Luck, Promotes Patience, persistence and resolve

Aloes, Wood – Love and Spirituality

Althea – Protection and Psychic Powers

Alyssum – Protection and Moderating Anger

Amaranth – Healing, Protection and Invisibility

Anemone – Health and Protection

Angelica Leaves – Protection and Healing

Angelica Root – Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions, Cures and Bewitchment. Deflects Curses

Anise Seed – Awakening Subtle Energies for Magic, Ward Against “the Evil Eye,” Keeps Away Nightmares

.Apple Bark – Leadership, Negativity and Power

Apple Blossom – Preference, Good Fortune and Perfection

Apple Fruit – Love, Healing, Garden Magic and Immortality

Apricot – Love

Arabic Gum – Purify Negativity and Evil

Arbutus – Protection and Exorcism

Asafetida – Exorcism, Purification and Protection

Ash Prickly Bark – Protection against Sorcery, Prosperity, Sea Rituals and Health

Ash – Protection, Prosperity, Health

Aspen – Eloquence and Anti-Theft

Avocado Fruit – Love, Lust and Beauty.


Baby’s Breath – Everlasting Love, Happiness and a Pure Heart

Bachelor’s Buttons – Love

Balm of Gilead – Love, Manifestations, Protection, Healing, Anti-bacterial, Expectorate and Ease of Rheumatic Pain

Bamboo – Protection, Luck, Hex Breaking and Banishing, and Wishes

Banana – Fertility, Potency and Prosperity

Banyan – Luck

Barberry – Digestion and Antiviral

Barley Grass – Love, Healing and Protection

Basil, Sweet – Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection and Courage

Bay Leaves – Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification, Strength and Divination

Bayberry Bark – Money

Bean, Pinto –Protection, Exorcism, Wart Charming, Reconciliation, Potency and Love

Beet Root – Love

Benzoin – Purification, Prosperity, Banishing Negativity and Astral Travel

Bergamot, Orange – Money and Success

Be-Still – Luck

Betony, Wood – Protection, Purification and Love

Birch Bark – Protection, Exorcism and Purification

Bistort – Psychic Powers and Fertility

Bittersweet – Protection and Healing

Blackberry Leaves – Healing, Money and Protection.

Haw – Menstrual Pains, a Women’s Herb

Bladderwrack – Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells, Money and Psychic Powers

Bleeding Heart – Love

Bloodroot – Love, Protection and Purification

Bluebell – Luck, Truth, Lasting Love, Humility and Constancy

Blueberry Leaves – Protection

Blue Cohosh – For Stomach Cramps, Labor Pains and Arthritis

Blue Flag – Money

Bodhi – Fertility, Protection, Wisdom and Meditation

Boneset – Protection, Exorcism, Drives Away Evil, North American Indian Remedy for Colds, Flu and Digestion

Bracken – Healing, Rune Magic and Prophetic Dreams

Brazil Nut – Love

Briony – Image Magic, Money and Protection

Bromelaid – Protection and Money

Broom – Purification, Protection, Wind Spells and Divination

Buchu – Psychic Powers, Prophetic Dreams

Buckthorn – Protection, Exorcism, Wishes and Legal Matters

Buckwheat – Money and Protection

Burdock Leaves – Removing Negativity. Purifies and cleanses the tissues

Burdock Root – Protection and Healing

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