Why Is He/She Not Acting Right?

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Did you ever stop to think it might be both of you not acting right? Relationships are not supposed to be hard but at some point we make them that way. Men are no different than women. Sure they have different anatomy but they carry emotional baggage just as much as we do. Say you have been in a unhealthy relationship for years and it finally comes to an end. Well kudos for finally freeing yourself! You meet someone new and he/she is everything you have always wanted (at least in the beginning) then he/she pulls back. Then the “Me Me Me syndrome appears! He/she better do this and I am not doing that. Well, it’s not about you, it about the relationship as a whole. Stop and think about it, did you go into the relationship with an open mind or had you already made up your mind that it has to be this way or else?

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