Candle Flame Meaning

Candle flame meanings are very useful in doing candle magick. The flame of the candle can let you know if you are on track or you have more work to do.

Candle emits black smoke – If the candle emits black smoke when it is lit, then it is beginning to remove negative energy from your desire.

Candle emits white smoke – If the candle emits white smoke when it is lit, then means that your prayer/affirmation will be answered but there is struggle there.

A high or strong flame – The candle is “working.” It is sending out a large amount of strenght and power to manifest your desire, your affirmation or prayer will be answered quickly.

A weak or low flame – If the candle is working very slowly to remove an obstacle or to bring about positive changes/vibrations, you will have to work at it a little bit longer and harder to overcome some opposition.

A jumping flame – There may be some spiritual warfare occurring on your behalf and what you are asking for is being met with resistance.

If the candle crackles – The spirits are pleading your case on your behalf but the louder the crackle the stronger the opposition against you.

The smoke flows towards you – your affirmation or prayer has been acknowledged and will be granted.

The smoke flows away from you – then perseverance will be needed to achieve your desire.

Smoke turns toward the right – then you will need to have a bit of patience to achieve your success coming from using your head (common sense).

Smoke turns to the left – then you are becoming to emotionally involved with the situation and you are in danger of subconsciously sabotaging yourself. In saying that, your affirmation or prayer will not be answered.

If the glass breaks – You have strong opposition working against you. If you are doing an uncrossing, this is good as it indicates that the spell is broken.

If the glass remains clear – then your affirmation or prayer will be answered regardless of any opposition.

Candle glass is black at the top but clear towards the bottom – this means that the darker blackening of the top of the candle glass says that something strong is working against you and you need to think positive. Release all fears and doubts.

Glass turns completely black – there are serious obstacles that stand in your way and a lot more work is needed (removing negativity, blocks and obstacles first may be needed)

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