Candle Magick-Candle Colors

Candles are an essential and important part of our everyday life. Candles in magick are a means of holding our focus and intent.

**Note: when doing magick, make sure that your intent is pure as white magick can turn to grey and black magick. DO NOTHING¬†TO HARM ANYONE NOR TO INTERFEAR WITH ANYONE’S FREE WILL.

Black Candles – protection, repelling negativity, binding, removing all blocks and obstacles, adversity, shield from the evil eye, return energy to sender, destroy bad habits, use this candle sparingly and lite a white candle to bring balance to you magical workings

Blue Candles – spiritualism, creativity, truth, health, healing, wisdom, inspiration, loyalty, immortality, devotion, fidelity, patience, honesty, peace, protect one’s reputation, peace, meditation, honoring the moon

Brown Candles – friendship, balance, concentration, indecision, telepathic power, study, intuitive, communication, find a house that is right for you

Cream Candles – peace in the home

Copper Candles – passion, money goals, growth

Gold Candles – wealth, winning,happiness

Green Candles – healing, prosperity, monetary success, growth, personal goals, abundance, cooperation, generosity, fertility, success, luck, ambition, greed, new beginnings, for financial gains use with a silver and gold

Lavender Candles – peace, serenity, dreaming magic, invoke Spirit when in process of charitable works

Magenta Candles – to bring to quick fruition

Orange Candles – business goals, property, ambition, career goals, legal matters, quick cash, joy, enthusiasm, attraction, stimulation, healing, self-control, intellect, organization

Pink Candles – romantic love, romance, caring, nurturing, affection, honor, spiritual awakening, leadership, femininity

Purple Candles – psychic ability, secrets, wisdom, power, dignity, independence, pride, honors, protection, to draw business success

Red Candles – energy, strength, passion, courage, career goals, lust, love, sex, life, will power, magnetism

Silver Candles – telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition, dreams

Violet Candles – Intelligence, anything to do with government, truth, justice, humility,forgiveness

White Candles – protection, spirituality, peace, higher self, purity, truth, sincerity, wholeness, expansion, outgoing, cleansing, respect, innocence, prophesy, to symbolize a person, place, or thing (can be used to substitute for other candle colors)

Yellow Candles – learning, memory, breaking mental blocks, communication, unity, universal love, action, invoke spirits, concentration, inspiration, healing, to bring quick/swift positive changes

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