Charging your candle

Pentagram and Candles

Charging your candle is like programming your desire or intent into a candle. To charge a candle, rub scented oil on it. To use oil, start rubbing the oil from the bottom upward but only to the middle of the candle and then start from the top of the candle until you get to the middle. To use a jar or votive candle, poke 3 holes in the top and add the oil. Hold the candle in your power hand (your dominant hand) and visualize what you want it to do. If you wish, you can carve your desire, such as a name or an object or a dollar sign, into the candle. Speak an affirmation (if oil is used to anoint candle speak affirmation 3 times – if NO oil is used speak affirmation 7 times) and your candle is charged.

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