Protect your Magick

Protect your Magick

I have had a few people ask why their candles turn black when doing magick. There are a number of reasons why. It could be because you have forces that are interfering and don’t want you to move forward, someone sending negative energy towards you or you just need a cleansing of yourself as well […]

Candle Magick – Charging your candle

Pentagram and Candles

Candle Magick Charging your candle is like programming your desire or intent into a candle. To charge a candle, rub scented oil and or herbs on it. To use oil, start rubbing the oil from the bottom upward but only to the middle of the candle and then start from the top of the candle […]

Candle Magick-Candle Colors

Candles are an essential and important part of our everyday life. Candles in magick are a means of holding our focus and intent. **Note: when doing magick, make sure that your intent is pure as white magick can turn to grey and black magick. DO NOTHING¬†TO HARM ANYONE NOR TO INTERFEAR WITH ANYONE’S FREE WILL. […]

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